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What Does Appearance Have to Do with Sexual Assault? Nothing.

by ZontaDoris

During the last election cycle, we heard a lot about how women look. Beautiful women received compliments and acceptance. Women with unsatisfactory body parts defined by men as “flat chests,” “big asses,” and “ugly faces” were derided or dismissed. We also witnessed (albeit in a partisan commercial) how these flippant, casually offered, undermining assessments could affect adolescent girls Continue reading

Make a Good Impression with Dress for Success!

by ZontaDoris

When you go to an important meeting–one that might change your income or career options–with a potential employer, someone who can recommend you for a promotion, or other key decision maker, do you pay enough attention to how you look?

If you haven’t considered how your appearance might affect your success in critical situations, maybe you should based on research cited in the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading