President Jimmy Carter speaks up for women’s rights

Jimmy Carter speaks up!

President Jimmy Carter pays attention to people and their behavior.

In the 16 minute video below, he explains why millions of women around the world suffer horribly from genital mutilation, human trafficking, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, violence, unequal pay, etc.


ONE: misinterpretations of religious scripture in the Bible and Quran;

TWO: a predisposition of cultures towards violence to instill subservience and control; and

THREE: the average man “not giving a damn” about women’s rights because he retains his ascendant position by remaining a bystander.

What can you do to ensure the safety and freedom of women?  

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GIVE $$$ and your support to help women bootstrap their way into full and safe lives with education, legal protection, health care access, religious standing, suffrage, and the right to drive a car and make other choices that most of us in the US take for granted.

SPEAK up in your community and on the internet to show your support for women’s rights.  Women’s rights are human rights!