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Tony Dungy: Works to Stop Violence Against Women

by ZontaDoris

Revision 1: This blog post dogged me last night.  I wasn’t content with it. It sought to praise Tony Dungy for his work to stop violence against girls and women … but I realized this morning that the story I wanted to tell started well before the NFL coaches lead their players to be good people. It starts with how the most successful COLLEGE football programs can do much more to help young players be good men who respect and value women and girls.

I mean men who accept that no means no and who don’t violate an intoxicated or unconscious woman to satisfy their sexual wants. Or who punch or beat up a woman or child who disagrees with them.  It led me to substantially rewrite this post to acknowledge the good work of Coach Tony Dungy, Derrick Brooks, and Warrick Dunn, and how college football programs can educate their athletes, boosters, and students to change the behavior of young men and women.

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I am a feminist who likes to watch college football.

Yes, it is a violent sport that exploits so-called student-athletes. I wish it weren’t so. But I am not alone in this viewing interest.

Diane Roberts, an Oxford Ph.D. and FSU English professor, said in her book Tribal, “I can criticize college football, anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex can.” But…she also says… Continue reading