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There ought to be a law…

by ZontaDoris

The headline “Law fails to keep pace with technology” grabbed my attention.

Sue Carlton, a Tampa Bay Times columnist, wrote earlier this month about victims of domestic, dating, or repeat violence (each action is defined separately in Florida law) and stalking.

Summary: She explained that a victim cannot seek protection when there are “no workers deputized as court clerks … available to take her sworn statement about what happened to her.” This could be after courthouse hours or when she, the victim, cannot get to a place–courthouse or certified DV (domestic violence) shelter–during the times when deputized staff are available.  I say “she” because 85% of violence victims are women.

Carlton, backed up by Hillsborough Court Clerk Pat Frank, would like Florida to allow victims to be able to initiate petitions online for temporary injunctions against domestic, repeat and dating violence, and stalking without having to be in the physical presence of a court clerk or notary public.

Carlton’s column raises valid questions on how and where victims may seek protective injunctions. Continue reading

Learn from FL Advocate for Human Trafficking Survivors


Dottie Groover-Skipper


Thirty years fighting the human trafficking scourge enabled Dottie Groover-Skipper, statewide coordinator of Anti-Human Trafficking for the Salvation Army of Florida, to speak passionately and knowledgeably to our Zonta Club in July.

From Beaver Cleaver innocence to Passionate Change Agent

Dottie told us how her Beaver Cleaver family world view was blown apart many years ago.  She was teaching a self-esteem class to young teenagers.  One 13 year old was so disruptive that Dottie almost removed her from the class.  But she didn’t, and the adolescent came to the next class with her 4 year old sister. Dottie felt that something wasn’t right. She investigated and learned that the girls lived with their grandmother who was doing the unthinkable–prostituting the children to make money. This introduction to trafficking children for sexual purposes so horrified Dottie that she made the eradication of human trafficking of children and adults her life’s work. Continue reading