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Make a Good Impression with Dress for Success!

by ZontaDoris

When you go to an important meeting–one that might change your income or career options–with a potential employer, someone who can recommend you for a promotion, or other key decision maker, do you pay enough attention to how you look?

If you haven’t considered how your appearance might affect your success in critical situations, maybe you should based on research cited in the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

Paying Homage to IWPR on Labor Day

by ZontaDoris

An excellent resource for getting acquainted with and educated on women’s economic issues is in Washington, DC.

heidi_hartmann_image_159pxThe Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a nonprofit established to do “comprehensive, women-focused, policy-oriented research” started almost 30 years ago in 1987.  Its founder, Heidi Hartmann, a brilliant economist, was concerned about  “gender-based economic injustice; an awareness fostered by her upbringing in a single-mother, single-income household” discussed here.

Hartmann started doing research on the economic status of women that no one else was doing in government or in nationally recognized think tanks.  Her work was so novel and self-directed that she won a genius award from the MacArthur Foundation.  Hartmann plowed this award–over $300,000–with no strings attached, into the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s operational budget. 

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