President Jimmy Carter speaks up for women’s rights

Jimmy Carter speaks up!

President Jimmy Carter pays attention to people and their behavior. In the 16 minute video below, he explains why millions of women around the world suffer horribly from genital mutilation, human trafficking, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, violence, unequal pay, etc. THREE REASONS: ONE: misinterpretations of religious scripture in the Bible and Quran; TWO: a …

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New Public Policy on Human Rights in Pinellas County


Our Club researched human rights protections in our county over the summer. We discovered that our Pinellas County Office of Human Rights is authorized under law, and committed, to protecting all citizens in this county from discrimination in fair housing, employment, public accommodations and government programs and assistance. These incidents include discrimination on the basis …

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Zonta Club Pinellas Meets GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club Leaders


Did you know that the Greater Federation of Woman’s Clubs is older than Zonta International? The General Federation of Woman’s Clubs International was founded in 1890, almost 30 years before Zonta’s establishment. However we share many goals and dedication to improving our local communities through volunteer hours and financial support. In Pinellas County, our mutual …

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Zonta Pinellas Gets Headstart on Zonta’s 100th Anniversary


Friends help each other celebrate birthdays, right?  Especially if one of them is 100 years old, right? So it was with the Zonta Pinellas Club and the city of Clearwater.  Clearwater held its first parade in years on May 30, 2015 to pay tribute to its 100 years of existence through challenges, both natural and …

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Pinellas County Commission & Zonta Club Pinellas Fight Human Trafficking

Donna Lancaster, President of the Zonta Club of Pinellas (center), and Marcie Falco Salazar, Zonta Service Committee Chair (left of center), were presented with a Resolution by the Pinellas County Commission.  The resolution acknowledged the seriousness of human trafficking and commended Zonta Club Pinellas for its efforts to serve human trafficking victims and to reduce …

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