Rallying with “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense”


by ZontaDoris Our last blog post covered the upcoming gathering in Gladden Park in St. Petersburg on June 3, the day after the national “Wear Orange” campaign to stop gun violence. This blog post attempts to convey what we did there. In spite of wicked, ever-changing weather in St. Petersburg, four of us Zonta members …

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Jan. 31st, celebrate Amelia Earhart: Zontian and Aviation Pioneer


by ZontaDoris Amelia Earhart is the most famous Zontian since the organization was founded in 1919. And January is Celebrate Amelia Earhart Month at Zonta International. EARHART FORGED SKY CAREERS FOR WOMEN  Earhart achieved many firsts, including achievements in aviation, commerce, and public relations. From the Family of Amelia Earhart website we learn that Amelia, …

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What Does Appearance Have to Do with Sexual Assault? Nothing.


by ZontaDoris During the last election cycle, we heard a lot about how women look. Beautiful women received compliments and acceptance. Women with unsatisfactory body parts defined by men as “flat chests,” “big asses,” and “ugly faces” were derided or dismissed. We also witnessed (albeit in a partisan commercial) how these flippant, casually offered, undermining …

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Make a Good Impression with Dress for Success!


by ZontaDoris When you go to an important meeting–one that might change your income or career options–with a potential employer, someone who can recommend you for a promotion, or other key decision maker, do you pay enough attention to how you look? If you haven’t considered how your appearance might affect your success in critical …

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Paying Homage to IWPR on Labor Day


by ZontaDoris An excellent resource for getting acquainted with and educated on women’s economic issues is in Washington, DC. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a nonprofit established to do “comprehensive, women-focused, policy-oriented research” started almost 30 years ago in 1987.  Its founder, Heidi Hartmann, a brilliant economist, was concerned about  ”gender-based economic injustice; an awareness …

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President Jimmy Carter speaks up for women’s rights

Jimmy Carter speaks up!

President Jimmy Carter pays attention to people and their behavior. In the 16 minute video below, he explains why millions of women around the world suffer horribly from genital mutilation, human trafficking, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, violence, unequal pay, etc. THREE REASONS: ONE: misinterpretations of religious scripture in the Bible and Quran; TWO: a …

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